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Sanderson Sister Oversized Hooded Cape


Come little children, I'll take thee away. Into a land of enchantment!
The time has come! We've created the perfect witchy cape. 
Full and flowy. With a pointed hood.
Easy tie in the front opening. A style that will go with EVERYTHING!

Made if a medium weight poly crepe. Perfect for Spring and Summer nights! 
Made by us in Los Angeles. Part of the FOXBLOOD Signature collection. 
Full body photos show this paired with the Coven Boots 

Note: Combo sizes like this garment and others have may be tagged 1-5. It does not mean you received the wrong size! Size 1 means you received the first size, size 2 means the second....etc. Some items are straight size and plus size only, so we may use a different tag for those, due to covid 19 and our tag quantities. 


Wash with like dark colors in washer on delicate setting. Dry Clean/Hand Wash optional

Lay flat to dry.