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Curious Manor Necklace

$44.00 USD

Extra long adjustable chain.

Here for you is a gorgeous silver antiqued necklace of an old Victorian abode. Kept in its very own dome to persevere history, and whatever else may be present.

This necklace is our ode to all the painted lady houses, those beautiful cookie cutter homes that often carried something much more sinister inside. 

Curious Manor

To some, this house is dead, and long past saving. Indeed, the floors are decayed, the pipes are rusted, the foundation is sunk, and the walls are moth-eaten. But a select few experience something more. For them, each room reveals clues of those who once called it home. Perfume still clings to the stately curtains, scuffs tell tales of where a writing desk once stood, and every floorboard creaks with a song unique unto itself. For a true seer, few places are as enigmatic—as truly alive—as a house like this.


Made from Antiqued Silver