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Sanderson Sister Oversized Hooded Cape

$79.00 USD

Come little children, I'll take thee away. Into a land of enchantment!

The time has come! We've created the perfect witchy cape. 

Full and flowy. With a pointed hood.

Easy tie in the front opening. A style that will go with EVERYTHING!

Made if a medium weight poly crepe. Perfect for Spring and Summer nights! 

Made by us in Los Angeles. Part of the FOXBLOOD Signature collection. 

Paired with the Coven Boots 

Note: Combo sizes like this garment and others have may be tagged 1-5. It does not mean you received the wrong size! Size 1 means you received the first size, size 2 means the second....etc


Wash with like dark colors in washer on delicate setting. Dry Clean/Hand Wash optional

Lay flat to dry.