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Seance Perfume Roller - Procession


In days past, they depended on horses seven hands tall to pull the wagons, and the air was filled with the clamor of hoof against cobblestone. Today, the dead are guided to their final resting places by beasts of rubber and steel, and the air is thick with gasoline. One can only imagine how the deceased will find their way into the earth a hundred years from now, though perhaps that beguiling aroma of earth and flowers will forever signal the transition of one generation to the next.

Featured notes: Gasoline, dirt, rocks, leather, funeral flowers  

This scent is dedicated to my friends and all the people who work in the funeral industry. It was inspired by my owning a 73 Cadillac Hearse and the way of the Procession. A beautiful, but sad tradition that many of us are grateful for. This scent doesn’t smell like any others in the line. 

10 ML glass bottles with stainless steel roller